In 2011 3S Kale Gayrimenkul Geliştirme ve Yatırım A.Ş., and 3S Kale Yapı ve Ticaret A.Ş., and in 2014 3S Kale Enerji Üretim A.S. were established upon restructuring of real estate stocks of Kale Kilit, one of the leading brands of Turkey.

3S Kale Holding A.S., incorporating group companies under its umbrella in 2015, provides added value to the country’s economy operating towards most important dynamics for Turkey such as urban transformation and geothermal energy by giving priority to real estate and energy fields. 3S Kale is currently carrying projects under the scope of urban transformation in Beylikdüzü and Fenerbahçe districts.

The construction of a project, having 110.000 m2 of construction area developed on 28.000m2 of land located behind Campus of Istanbul University in Avcılar has been started. It is our main target to become a leading real estate company, creating difference via design and quality of new projects every year we develop. Company will introduce Topkapı project in the second half of 2017. 


We are developing elegant, difference projects with the vision of providing added value in the field of real estate and supporting the development of the country. 

We adapt protection of environment and national wealth, to perform business with compromising quality by using best design and labor always as our mission.    

Kale Özgür Evler with 136 residences, Kale Kent with 1463 residences and 42 stores are among our completed projects; we also have urban transformation project in Fenerbahçe. 


3S Kale Yapı is a big company carrying renting and operating of properties we own including 133.000m2 of rental area and 515 independent sections. 

Kale Outlet Center located in Güngören is serving on 80.000m2 of construction area with 26.000m2 of rental area and 123 stores. 

Kale Business Center located in Davutpaşa is provided to the service of customers with 311 stores on 38.000m2 of construction area while Güngören Business Center has 74 store and office areas on 63.000m2 of construction area.


As, 3S Kale Enerji, we set out on the mission “to be one of leading companies of Turkey in research and production of renewable energy”.

In pursuance of this mission, we are continuing our operations:

By performing  geologic and exploration studies in order to reveal geothermal energy potential of our country,

By utilizing explored  thermal sources for production of electrical energy, for greenhouse production, thermal tourism, etc,

By making research and production activities on wind and solar energy,

By conducting research and development studies on fossil fuels and mining in Turkey and abroad.