3S Firuze Konakları


3S Firuze Konakları

3S Firuze Konakları is introducing different flat options from 1+1 to 4+1 for those who want to live in the house of their dreams.
With its balcony architecture, 3,5 meters gross floor height, windows to the ceiling, spacious living room, elegant kitchen and room plans, enter to a peaceful life at 3S Firuze Konakları. Common floor gardens reveal a fantastic lake view.
The project that designed with smart house system offers its residents a quality living opportunity under their own control.


CONTACT Firuzköy Bulvarı Avcılar

LOCATION 3S Firuze Konakları is located on a center point close to important locations such as Istanbul University, Atatürk Airport, Avcılar İDO pier. E-5, Avcılar Istanbul University Metrobus Stop and Yenikapı-Büyükçekmece subway stop which is planned to be constructed in near future, are only within walking distance of 3S Firuze Konakları. Avcılar IDO pier is only 5 minutes away from the IDO for those who prefer seaway transportation.

ARCHITECT Ergün Mimarlık


With different flat options from 1+1 to 4+1, 523 residence and 45 stores on 28.050m2 of area.