We, as 3S Kale Holding, are proud of our support to the development of our country by means of added value we have provided in all of our operating areas. 

We are acting with the awareness of our social responsibility from the very beginning of our establishment. Our father, deceased Sadık Özgür, has built and donated to the public a primary school, vocational high school, student dormitory and a 96-bed hospital complex in his hometown Sivas Divriği with the gratitude he felt towards his hometown and its villagers.

We, as 3S Kale Holding, are continuing our studies on a social responsibility project which will contribute development of Sivas Divriği in terms of tourism potential. 

25 October 2017 | The inauguration of Divriği Cumhuriyet Meydanı (Divriği Republic Square), which is renewed with the support of 3S Kale Holding, was held

As 3S Kale Holding, we are making investments in real estate development, construction and energy fields. But making economic investments is not enough for us; just like our Honorary President, our father, the philanthropic businessman Sadık Özgür has did, we want to contribute to the development of our people and social life.
The issue on absence of a city square, which our Divriği will be proud of, where public ceremonies will take place, our fellow citizens will meet and celebrate the national holidays and will also socialize in their daily lives, has been brought into the agenda. We also have taken it as a duty for ourselves to claim our cultural heritage, to contribute to the tourism of our city, and to bring such a square to our fellow citizens. Prepared in a way reflecting the cultural architecture and historical texture of our district, this project has been realized with an investment around 5 million TL, and we have brought this area to our district and our fellow citizens.
A section of the Republic Square will be reserved for our women, and our local women will sell the products and pieces they produce at this area. Thus, they will contribute to the economy of both their families and the country with the women power.

December 2016

Photograph exhibition named Nejat Uygur – Success Story from Past to Future is organized in Kale Center. Uygur Family and players of Marko Pasha Musical attended to the opening of Nejat Uygur Photograph Exhibition in full.

All corridors and store displays of 26.000 square meters of area were colored with photos of Nejat Uygur. The income from the exhibition of 3.000 photographs lasting for 1 month in Kale Outlet Center was donated to Foundation for Children with Leukemia and One Hope Association. 

October- November 2016

Blood donation campaign is organized in cooperation with red crescent

May 2016

Filiz Akın photograph exhibition included totally 4,500 photographs along with photos sent by fans of the artist as well as scenes from films of the artist. All corridors and store displays of 26.000 square meters of area were colored with photos of Akın. The exhibition where most special scenes from film sets to galas, from newspaper clips to movie posters enriched the Shopping Mall, remained open for a month to visitors.

Income obtained from Filiz Akın photograph exhibition is donated to Foundation for Children with Leukemia and One Hope Association. 

May 2016

Exhibition and concert is organized to support hearing impaired and visually impaired children in cooperation with Ministry of Education. 

December 2015

Fabulous name of Turkish movie, Fatma Girik has celebrated her 72nd birthday with a huge exhibition consisted of 2000 photos and with her thousands of fans. Opening ceremony of “Fatma Girik From Past to Future” photograph exhibition including most special views from 58 years of art life of artist was carried with the attendance of artist.

Best 2000 photos witnessing beautiful memories of her life from sets, galas, newspaper clips, magazines of Girik playing totally in 186 films as the lead took place in the exhibition.

A team of 30 people spent efforts by researching for photos of the artist then to ensure special scanning and printing them for 3 months.  All corridors and store displays of 26.000 square meters of area were colored with photos of Fatma Girik. Income achieved from exhibition is donated to Eurasia Schizophrenia Association. 

September 2015

“Hülya Koçyiğit Photo Exhibition from the Past to the Future”, displaying most special scenes of 50 years of art life of artist, was held with the participation of  Hülya Koçyiğit, while the 100th anniversary of the Turkish cinema was celebrating.

In the exhibition organized in behalf of Hülya Koçyiğit who left inerasable traces in Turkish movie with her films like Susuz Yaz, Gelin, Düğün, Diyet, Derman, Cemile, Tanrı Misafiri, Samanyolu, many photographs from movie sets of artist took place.

A team of 30 persons researched photos of artists for 3 months. Photographs are specially scanned and printed. Hülya Koçyiğit fans from different locations of Turkey moreover from world like Germany, Siirt, Netherlands, England, Izmit, Swiss, Trabzon have shared archive photos they have.

Income obtained from Hülya Koçyiğit photograph exhibition is donated to Parıltı Visually Impaired Children’s and   Children with Vision Defect Association. 

May 2015

During activity organized with the attendance of Ceyda Düvenci, special printed and signed t-shirts are sold. Income obtained from sales of t-shirts is donated to Bahçelievler Nursing Home. 

16 April 2015

Emel Sayın photograph exhibition is organized and obtained income is donated to Birlik Orthopedically Impaired People’s Association. 

27 March 2014

Türkan Şoray photograph exhibition is organized and obtained income is donated to IZEV. ( Foundation for Training and Solidarity for Mentally Challenged)