Kale Kilit… A company foundations of which was established by our father Sadık Özgür and turned to be an industrial giant by time… A World mark originating from Turkey…

3S Kale Holding is an extension of this success story, such a entrepreneur spirit. An indication of our effort to carry the flag we have taken over from our family elders forward in different tracks… 

Sema Gürün
In consideration of dynamics of Turkey economy, we are as 3 sisters, have established foundations of 3S Kale in 2011 with the vision of being an assertive investor and developer in the fields of energy and real estate. In this new structure, we are aware that we can succeed great progress by evaluating chances in targeted sectors fast.
By restructuring real estate stocks available within assets of Kale Kilit previously, we have established 3S Kale Gayrimenkul Geliştirme ve Yatırım A.S. and 3S Kale Yapı ve Ticaret A.S. in 2011 year. When it comes to 2014 year, we initiate our first investments in geothermal field with 3S Kale Enerji Üretim A.S.
And, in 2015 year, we consolidate group companies under 3S Kale Holding A.Ş. We are continuing our investments on energy and real estate development under the organization of holding. 

Sefa Çizer
We, second and third generations of the family are working shoulder to shoulder in 3S Kale Holding with our professional staff.

Our honorary Chair, our father Sadık Özgür is shedding light on our way with his disciplines.

We are acting with the awareness of our social responsibilities from the very beginning of our establishment. Our father, deceased Sadık Özgür, has built and donated to the public a primary school, vocational high school, student dormitory and a 96-bed hospital complex in his hometown Sivas Divriği with the gratitude he felt towards his hometown and its villagers. We, as 3S Kale, are continuing our studies on a social responsibility project to contribute touristic development of Divriği.

We have great trust on women and power of women and their creativity and sincerely support women existence in business world. Our company management generally consisted of women.. Although the construction sector is a predominantly male, we see that the presence of women in our company adds a surplus value to the residences we build. By valuing “life delivering nature of women to home”, we build “joyful livable buildings”.   

Sedakat Özgür
As 3S Kale family, we aim to undersign elegant and landmark works in all areas of operation by sustaining reliability and high quality understanding of our deep-rooted past inherited to us.
With the awareness of protection of environment and our national wealth, it is our essential basic principle to perform without compromising from quality with the best design and labor. 

Alp Gürün
As 3S Kale, we look out for our country and our country’s values. We continue energy and real estate investments that we have planned.
3S Kale Enerji has adapted renewable energy and geothermal resources as subject of priority and initiated studies. The aim in geothermal is to extract hot water from depths of underground to utilize its temperature. In addition to our target to produce electrical energy we also target urban heating. Although we have focused on geothermal energy nowadays, our intent is to take the advantage of chances on renewable energy and fossil fuel plant.
Our target as 3S Kale Gayrimenkul is to develop a new real estate project every year. Our purpose is not to produce several ones but to produce elegant projects that bring up the life quality of our people while adding value to urban life.